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Engage your employees in a smarter way. Imagine all of your engagement programs in one place — All working together. Welcome to your new reality!

Service Awards


Our innovative, online Service Award Program lets you maximize your rewards plan by eliminating the costs and problems of brochure-based programs!

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Safety Awards


Let us help you reduce insurance premiums and encourage safe behavior.

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Wellness Program


Help promote specific behavior like smoking cessation and reduce insurance premiums.

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Dealer & Sales Program


Reward your top performers and attain specific corporate performance goals.

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Spot Recognition


Reward your employees on-the-spot to create the power of a positive environment and build a culture of excellence!

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Nomination Program


Electronically nominate and vote for employees who are on their way to earning well-deserved recognition and awards.

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Holiday Gifts


The holiday season presents a great opportunity to show appreciation for your employees’ hard work and dedication. A time to for you to say ‘thank you’ to your people and valued customers in a memorable and personal way.

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Retirement Program


Career milestones represent a unique opportunity to demonstrate the value your company places on those employees whose loyalty and dedication has kept them with your organization.

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Help employees recognize each other doing great work.

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You never get a second chance to make a great first impression.

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Performance Awards


Our solution will help you recognize your top performers which will help ignite your organizations potential.

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Global Program


Our Global Rewards Program offers meaningful local rewards---priced right!

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We’re actively changing the rewards industry and we want you to join us. By focusing primarily on your end-user experience, we offer the best and most customizable reward program to date.

eGift Cards

eGift Cards

Our partnerships include Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Overstock, Bass Pro Shops, GlobalHotel and more. With a wide array of merchants, we appeal to a variety of consumers for either online or in-store redemption.

eGift Cards


With partnerships around the world, our international recognition program includes over 43 countries. Find out how we can eliminate additional fees such as duties and customs.

eGift Cards


We have got you covered. With millions of reward options and savings up to 40% below our competitors.

eGift Cards

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We offer free reward shipping in 3-5 days. We thought adding free setup was a nice touch.

Employee Incentive Recognition Rewards

When you think of awards that your mother or father received from work, what comes to mind? For many it’s the achievement-oriented plaque, an engraved platter or maybe a watch. Today, however, many businesses are moving away from awards like these and going to employee incentive reward programs. These employee recognition programs generate more interest from your employee and are much more convenient and affordable than the typical plaques or other similar awards.

Employee Incentive Recognition Programs

Point Recognition develops, executes and manages their employee incentive rewards and recognition rewards with great success. One of the things that makes Point Recognition so successful is our Rewards Portal. This is an interactive employee engagement tool for employees to stay connected to each other and employers can easily recognize their employee’s day-to-day achievements, behaviors and efforts.

Our employee incentive reward programs are a great choice for your business’s existing programs. These might include:

  • Service award programs
  • Safety award programs
  • Peer-to-peer programs
  • Recognition programs
  • Years of service programs

Finally, Point Recognition can provide your employees with the merchandise items that they really want for their award. We offer millions of reward options and our service is all online. This allows us to offer our services up to 40 percent less than our competitors. We’re a full service incentive reward programs company, too. We do all the work. We offer free shipping and will provide you with the great customer service you deserve.

Simple and Secure

As your employees begin to collect reward points, they can either use them to order merchandise or they can save them to use when they have more points added. We will work with your IT department to seamlessly integrate these employee incentive recognition programs, providing a secure environment for your employees. Our manager tools allow you to see which employees are performing well and even which ones that may not be performing up to your standards.

Your company’s reward portal will be beautifully customized, including your logo, employee directory and whatever other information is required to meet your needs. For example, your portal may include:

  • Employee picture and title
  • Recognition wall
  • Manager tools
  • News and events
  • Recognition and reward programs
  • Point Summary
  • Employee directory
  • Quick list
  • Send eCard (anniversaries, birthdays, etc.)

There is no fee to set up your account at Point Recognition. In addition, customer service support, employee communication, training, tracking and reporting are also handled at no cost. The only thing that you will pay for are the users and the points. Employees may use the points to buy the merchandise he or she wants or hold onto to them to use later.

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